Hi I’m David and I love Photography! LOVE IT.I mean, drawing-hearts-on-my-notebook, staring-dreamy-eyed-out-the-window LOVE. I love shooting photos that inspire couples to smile, help them remember the best day of their life, and capture their hearts for one another.
It started where all love starts, in the Navy. In between eating bugs and escaping from upside-down sinking helicopters, I got a seriously intense education in photography. It was fun!

When I got out, I started my own commercial photography company in Chicago. That’s where I met my certified-awesome wife and learned the business of shooting.

Now I am loving my life as a bi-coastal wedding photographer shooting events in both Philadelphia and San Diego. I live with my still-awesome wife, a cool little boy, and a cool little girl. Every day I wake up in a new wing of the Museum of Awesome. If you want a joyful person to shoot your wedding or event then I am your guy.

I’ve shot for wedding clients, design firms, magazines, ad agencies, the Navy and Air force. I’ve shot in San Diego, Chicago, Philadelphia, Texas, Cancun, Iceland, Paris, London, Stockholm, Puerto Rico, and a bunch of other places. So, yeah, I’ll totally go to you.

Thanks for visiting and making it down to the bottom of my bio thingy, now go look at the galleries so you can tell I’m not just making things up. Then click on Contact so we can get started!